Three more days and counting!

I'm so excited! Three more days until I fly home and see my parents! I can't wait. Lately I seem to have come to my limits with Korea, it's amazing how tired one can get being amongst another culture. I am avoiding Korean food, as I am not craving it all and feeling not so good if I do eat it however all I want to eat is sushi! Anyway, I just can't wait to eat whatever I want as well as my mum's great cooking, I miss her curries...ooooh basmati rice, ooh oh! Sorry just was imagining the taste of basmati rice. The other thing that I am tired of dealing with is being on the bus, yes folks this does annoy me. I am tired of being pushed by other passengers who are racing to get to the door, even though we have just left a stop and will take a moment more before reaching the next stop however it seems imperative that these people be at the door even though they may push you to the point you almost lose balance cause you know it is a packed bus where everyone is squashed together and have really limiting space! The other day, two older women managed to push past me which then dropped my bags to the floor as I was carrying my groceries. I don't know, does this happen outside of Korea am I losing it??? I'm also looking forward to being around people, as I've been really lonely. I haven't really made many new friends since moving to Seoul and I'm not someone that seems to be on the list for people to call me. Well enough whining!

I did though have a great New Years (okay this is where I contradict everything I said in the paragraph above). I met up with my friend Nado, (who is a talented and beautiful woman) who introduced me to some of her friends. We had dinner together and a few glasses of wine. She managed to stay late enough to wish each other a happy new year before heading home. I then went clubbing with some people I met that night, but I had a terrible time in the two clubs as I found myself dancing alone. I decided to go home until one of the guys that Nado introduced me to, persuaded me to join him with his Korean friends in the North of Seoul. I finally went as he told me they would be men, I jumped to that idea. We met his friends in a restaurant and joined them with a few bottles of soju (Korean tradintional alcohol similar to vodka) and lots of side dishes we then went to a singing room (karaoke) and did some singing, even though I swore I wouldn't sing but after a few bottles of beers I was singing like a wild cat!

This picture of me was obviously taken before the drinking started!Well I will try and post as much as I can, but once I get to Canada I can't promise anything....


amanda said...

ahh... beautiful bow trail in the wintery mist... i think i'm feeling home sick too :o)

i hope you have a great visit with family and friends!!

Sharon said...

Thanks Amanda, I did have a great time, I need to go home each year, it's such a refresher!

Looks like you had a great time in Nova Scotia!!! You really look like your dad!

Oh and I hope you are feeling much better, I guess I wouldn't have such a hard time with drinks as I drink cola way too much! Be careful!