Sniffles and Openings

So, yes I have been rather lazy in not keeping you all updated in the great adventures that I lead each and every day! The truth is yes, it’s been interesting and no it hasn’t at the same time. Let’s start with what I thought was my highlight Saturday in Seoul...

*I met up with a yahoo group that I joined, “Seoul Art Collective”
*Met some great like-minded people.
*Visited the beautiful Samsung Leeum Art Museum
*Went to my first gallery show opening here in Korea.
*Met a famous Korean singer and have his phone number!
*Had dinner with new friends from the opening then a wild night of drinking.

The day was just fantastic as I met people that I can finally talk to about art and where the hell it is that I’m going with my work. It’s been a long time since I was at an opening which was a ritual while I was in art college, I must say, I'm rather rusty and need to get serious.

Last Friday was good too, as the group visited an artist-in-residence space called, “Ssamzie Art Space”. The studios were open, a great chance to check out the works. There seemed to be a lot of video, and I really have a hard time understanding at the best of times but there were a few provocative and interesting video installations. The most inetersting was a guy that had found images or characters that were already in his studio, and may have slightly altered it - such as chipped paint on the walls in a shape that suggests a dolphin and so on. It forced the viewer to take a harder look at what you are really looking at as sometimes we are too quick to find meaning but forget our imagination while being conscious of the reality.

Other than a few weekends with some gallery visits and get togethers with the group my life is no different to an ordinary routine of home and work. Oh, and I wouldn’t want to start writing about work! Whaooooooo that’s a whole new website dedicated to “frustrations of technology” as well as “what the hell am I to do now?” Anyway, my students are great but I keep getting sick with all their lergies...he he he cough cough cough!!!

One of the 22 classrooms that I teach in.


amanda said...

i can't believe you work in 22 classrooms!!!! that's slightly insane. do you ever make a mistake and go to the wrong class?

you're group sounds neat... proof that technology is not all bad!!! keep us posted on your further art/gallery adventures :o)

Sharon said...

Hey Amanda,

Yeah, I have to walk around with my schedule to make sure I go to the right classroom, there's no way that I could remember. What's more insane is how many times I have to repeat myself. I have 12 6th grade classes and 10 5th grade classes, talk about serious deja vu!

hee jeong said...

hi~remember me?....

actually...im first ..like this..blog...hm..goood...better than cyworld^-^;

ah..ur picture~so nice...
simple...but...have so much feel...jo-ah ,,,jo ah~^0^


have a nice day~& tomorrow also

see u ^-^