In Jolly Olde Englande

I'm currently in the UK visiting friends and family. So far so good. I've been staying with my good mate Jasmeet in Slough, catching up and chatting about the good days back in high school. One of our old mates Glen came up to visit and I really am out of the loop and can't remember half the people they remember.

Today we visited Jasmeet's family not just cause of me wanting to see them but also because today is Rakhi Day, a Sikh tradition that celebrates brothers. The sister normally ties a colorful string bracelet to her brother's right wrist then feeds him something sweet like burfi then they hug and this is the best part, he gives her some money. It's great to see and something I also took part in with Jasmeet's brother Harpal.

I realize that I miss so many other things about the UK, one them is Jasmeet's family, they're super great and consider me part of their family. I got lots of hugs as we tried to catch up on things, such as her sister Kiran's wedding just three weeks ago. I feel like I'm still English as my accent is back too! I'm still me the way I was before I left to live in so many other places and experience a variety of cultures and things.

I've already had my bangers and mash along with a shandy in a nice pub. I've been spoilt by Jasmeet and her family with all the roti in the world as they all remember my favourite dishes. Oooh, and kulfi ice-cream for dessert - wicked!


Mandy said...

I'm glad to hear that you're havign such a great time!! I know that not all your trips have been as good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sharon
I'm so jealous of you... u got to see Balraj and Rasna - u even got upto date pictures of them!!!I'm glad you had a fab time. Dimple told me about your web site and its brillant!!!! Anyway, when u are in Calgary -u have to come and see me.
Love Amarjit

Sharon said...

Amarjit, where are you? Are you living in Calgary now? What's your email, do you know mine? Jas can give it to you if you don't, in fact I think even Kiran has my email.

Sharon said...

Hey Mandy, thanks for the comment. I did have a wonderful time which prompted me to think about returning to the UK, I know this isn't the first time to think that, but I feel more serious about it this time.