Richard Halliday

Art school was full of interesting people, interesting art as well as the odd happenings. I was fortunate to meet some amazing people. However tonight I was rather shocked to find Richard Halliday is listed on the Internet movie database website. Halliday was one of my instructors whose lectures were both entertaining as well as informative. Every artist he mentioned he had to tell us that the artist was dead which always got us chuckling but the best was when he just stopped talking about art and looked at one guy with a baseball cap and told us his theory.

To wear a baseball cap you must be a dunce,
to wear it with the lid backwards,
then you're really stupid,
but the worse is to wear it sideways,
you're an absolute twit!!!

Ahhhhh, the art school days still make me laugh ;P


joohyun said...

OMG that's so funny!!! LOL