I will be MIA for a while!

Well once again my iBook is in for repairs and let's hope things will go well now that my warranty has finished. At the moment I'm using the classroom's computer and let me tell you ~ some things in this school needs some serious updating! I will be on vacation from next week, no please don't get excited I'm not visiting anyone :( In fact I'm not going anywhere this vacation which really breaks my heart and don't worry as I'm not going to even go there with more details.

The only thing I plan is painting as I'm in a group show starting January 27th in Anyang so for those that can please do come. Oh and I'm going to the gym which will be the highlight of the vacation.

New year's is still going well, a little quiet as all my friends are busy with the show and ah-hem I may even have a date or two.

That's all for now!


Mandy said...

I'm glad to hear 2007 is going all right. I hope your dates are fun... :)