And the lucky winner is...

I finally found my new place after seeing scores of interesting apartments varying in different degrees of quality, dirt and darkness! No more climbing up and down hills in search for a place in fact I'm leaving my beloved steep hill that gets everyone's breathing heavy and swearing as my new place is in the flatlands! Oh I should mention that the shops are up the hill, lol!!! One place I saw I just couldn’t see the apartment as I was more concerned about where I was stepping due to the pee and crap on the floor as the tenants included two cats and three dogs, I have no idea how people can live like that!

My new place is a little dark in comparison to my current home I’ll have to say goodbye to the lovely view and my wrap around balcony but the apartment itself is really cute with it’s own character. With wood flooring I no longer have to worry about the damage my sofa makes to the lino, as the thing seems to travel around a bit. There’s space for a dining table, which is great, as I’ve been eating on the floor with a Korean table for over a year. It has built-in closets so let’s see if I can be more organized, he he he!

So the move-in date is March 24th, I would love as well as NEED the help, nudge, nudge, wink, wink ;P


Jasmine said...

It looks great Sharon, and I'm envious of the built-in closets! I WISH (really!) that I was able to help you move.

Anyway, I'm happy for you that you found a place, and a cute one at that.


Sharon said...

Thanks Jasmine, I can't wait to move in to my new place. It looks like you have some interesting adventures inside the home as well as Germany itself.

Mandy said...

Yay, I'm so glad you found yourself a nice place!
I also wish I could help you move... at least you know you've got lots of long-distance moral support. ;)

philipp said...

sharon - your new apartment looks great!! fridge and cupboards also seem big enough for the ingredients needed for your delicious curry, which is the main thing, i guess. hopefully you are not too sad to have to leave haebangchon..