Bravo your well being life with green tea!

Taste buds can change! Since coming to Asia I’ve tried all sorts of foods and still tasting things for the first time. I remember how fussy and picky I was when I first moved to Hong Kong as I was exposed to textures that I never knew existed and tastes that were either extremely bland or just explosive. Or that one and only first class flight that I took from Osaka to Seoul and being served sushi made me wish I was in economy class, but now I can’t get enough of it as I’ve gotten over the texture and in love with wasabi!!! Tonight I had a craving for green tea ice cream, which is my favourite flavor coming from a girl that was chocolate, chocolate and all about the chocolate!!!

I have to tell ya, Haagen Dazs makes the best green tea ever, the others don’t compare also I do love green tea latte from Starbucks but I don’t like green tea in everything. There’s a trend in Korea to call healthy food “Well Being” and everyone here knows the benefits of green tea so they’re adding it to everything even to pizza, yep pizza. I was unfortunate one time to eat a slice and let me tell ya, it was not a pleasant experience. Not only was the dough made with green tea it also glowed a nuclear green color, it was topped with the usual things and some piped yellow stuff which turned out to be sweet potato! My fellow teachers told me that its “Well Being” any way I think it’s really healthy, as I won’t be eating it again!!!

I was looking around on some Korean websites and there are some great recipes for green tea ice cream however they’re in Korean and they do have pictures.