Ride the wave!

I seem to be stuck in this drama series just as Truman Burbank was with non-stop cliffhangers that leave me in yet another situation to which I now just sit back and laugh as I ride the wave! So, last week a friend asked what I was going to do with Philipp’s room, yep that spare room of mine is forever named as such. I was thinking that I should try to live with another male roommate, as it would keep the costs down as well as help me out with saving for my brother’s wedding. However those thoughts were soon crushed by a phone call from my realtor who told me that I have 4 weeks to move out as my landlords have sold the building to be torn down and built into some fancy apartments. Great!

Well I’m not the only one as the area is up for the highest bidder as it’s underdeveloped in a city that has no space. I am desperately seeking new accommodations and I’ve been really lucky to have people around me to help. The teachers in my office all took a role in searching online. One teacher insisted me to stay near my school, which I refuse to do so, and tried explaining many times why I don’t want to. My social life happens around where I currently reside which is close to the city and the foreign neighborhood, okay I know I’m in another country and I should experience everything that it has to offer but seriously I get to do more from being here than the area where my school is. Besides it’s no fun going places to have kids scream out your name ~ one has to look good all the time!


amanda said...

Hey Sharon,

I'm in kind of a similar boat here! they're turning our apartments into condos :o(

Loved the photo you last posted, really neat!!

Keep us posted on your "Should I Stay or Should I Go" debate :o)