For Julie

Thank you for your friendship during my visits back to the UK as well as your patience as I looked at every detail in the shops that kept you waiting like my aunt Elsie normally did. I’m sorry that I still don’t remember you in high school but I’m grateful that I got to know and laugh with you over the years. And I’m sorry that you didn’t have that chance to go to Canada like how we talked.

I will miss you, as I know you and Debbie were wonderful friends. You meant so much to Debs as she always talked about you, and I thank you for everything.

You remind me of how fragile life is and the importance to live each day. Today I mourn your death that ended way too soon. I yearn for my family that I miss so dearly and wish I could be there for yours. I’m sure that you and your brother Vincent are together again. I pray for your parents and Debbie with all my heart to get through the darkest hours, as I’m sure you’ll agree there’s so much to live for. I wish you happiness and your family too.

We will meet again.

Julie left And My Cousin Debbie Right


Mandy said...

What you wrote is really lovely, Sharon. I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

Sharon said...

Thank you Mandy for your comment. I believe today is the funeral I hope all goes well.