Singledom on the Weekend!

This weekend has been really quiet, or the truth is that I spent yet another lazy weekend doing nothing. I am stuck in some broken record lately of procrastinating and arguing with myself to do the right things ~ don’t worry I’m not walking around my apartment talking to myself! However I end up doing nothing and sitting on my arse!!!

So I got myself a pizza, from the local joint for $6 it’s a steal, which I allow maybe once a week or two weeks. I watched “Copying Beethoven” which was great but some parts I didn’t understand the deliberate camera action/focus that reminded me of NYPD. It’s worth watching if you haven’t yet. Then I spent another couple of hours just browsing on the net wanting to listen to some new Indian music as it keeps me in touch with Southall, as you can never get the Southall out of me! Ha ha ha~!

Sunday I wanted to go out but then I thought of the dangers of me spending too much money, so staying home was the cheapest option. I searched online for accommodations, flights etc.. for the big trip that my family will go on in March. Man, there’s so much it’s really overwhelming I forget what I was looking for. I remember when I booked a resort back in 2000 for Cherie, her family as well as some friends and myself, it was so easy it took one evening and a few websites before I made my decision but now I’m all over the place. But I must admit I do have a biased view now as that time was my first time to Thailand but this upcoming trip will be my forth and the first for my family. So I feel some pressure to pick the best that I can as I’ve stayed in some icky places as well as amazing places too.

Well I still have lots to research but my trusted belly started to rumble and annoy me as I really didn’t want to cook. So off I went as I had a craving for kimchi jjigae and thought that I can do this thing by going to the famous place close to my apartment but it’s normally full of taxi drivers which isn’t so nice. I got there only to be disappointed as it was closed, I looked at the other restaurants and saw so many people in them. It’s weird I have eaten in all of these restaurants either alone or with friends. However I felt a different vibe to the weekdays as everyone was sitting in groups. All of a sudden I was feeling panicky and didn’t want to be alone in a restaurant and walked by to the point where there was no more places to eat. I had to go back but I felt so stupid as I felt like everyone had seen me by now as I walked by the windows, so I hopped on the minibus and ended up closer to home. I saw that Manilla Bay restaurant was still open and is normally quiet. I walked in and ordered the same seared tuna dish as last time. But this time, it was absolutely awful, I ate it all due to pure hunger! But now, I regret eating there as my belly is not a happy camper at all! It’s still rumbling but not from hunger and it hurts too, it reminds me of two years ago when I had some serious food poisoning which I’m hoping is not the case here.

Ooooh , tomorrow is one more day closer to this silly winter camp being over! YAY! But I’m excited to practice the play with my kids as we’re doing, “Where The Wild Things Are”.