Revamping my dresser :)

Why throw away your old furniture? I know it's not easy to paint, and can be somewhat a pain to sand and get the paint nice and flat without any drips or brushstrokes, but hey the end result is so worth it.

I've seen this particular dresser on a couple reality TV shows, where they threw the set out and bought new stuff. Not that I really like this dresser, but it was the first furniture I ever bought with my first job here in Canada. It's also moved with me to every apartment while I was in college. However I took off to Asia for the last ten years, and it wasn't used much in my absence until now. So the well traveled dresser is now holding my collection of clothes as well as decorated with numerous items I've either bought on my travels or things I've made.

I'm so happy with how it's turned out, and surprised to see just how many blue items I had, as I'm normally a red or curry colored kind of gal! LOL