Long-life Necklace

Cheeky went to Hong Kong in the search of happiness, she ate bird's nest sundaes and drank mango and sago drinks which was all good for her but she really liked this longevity necklace. She thinks you would like it more!  Check out more photos of the necklace in my Etsy shop.  www.cheekynado.etsy.com

Sorry I didn't have any pictures of the bird's nest sundae's, but the pic above is of my favourite chain of drink restaurants in Hong Kong.  If you're ever there, you should try the drinks. However I advise you to stay away from the brown drinks, I tried it once and found out that it was turtle jelly drink ~ apparently it's good for you!  

Oh and if you want to try the bird's nest sundae which you can here, check out the photo (in the menu on the tables) of translucent jellyish looking stuff on top of ice-cream or mango, they say it's good for your skin.