New Print

So I finally put up a print for sale.  It has taken me a while and I have to a give big thanks to Ryan who helped me to print.  I do plan on putting more up for sale, and will blog about it too.

Other than that not too much is happening here, I am busy getting more work done, and man living so far is really getting to me.  I really need some things to complete some of my projects, and it's just a few things from a dollar store.  I did go to Claresholm, the closest town with some stores, but even there I had a hard time finding double-sided tape and of all places I found glue sticks in the supermarket but not in the two bargain/mini department stores in town or the hardware store ~ strange.  I would be happy to deal with online purchases if Canada Post wasn't so slow and somewhat unreliable as I've had a few packages go astray as well as I'm still waiting on receiving packages for the last four months!   Gosh I miss living in Seoul, shop online today and receive tomorrow or within two business days!  Balli Balli!

Oh and I do have good news ~ I have a job interview on Tuesday teaching ESL so wish me luck :)  Happy Sunday all!