The Fan Woman

Oh my goodness take a look at the following websites, they're both in Korean though.



It's about a Korean woman (stupid) who was once beautiful however most of her appearance was fake; she was addicted to plastic surgery. She was so addicted that she wanted more than what doctors could offer her. She started to do it herself, first she injected silicone, then she used soybean oil and olive oil -- she apparently had voices in her head that would tell her to do it. They say that she has a side effect that has damaged her mentally, but I think she was nuts before! Man she was beautiful, I asked my Korean friend if the woman ever read fairy tales, about how desires in an obsessive way can lead you no where positive but only negative. From beauty to beast! I was so grossed out by the pictures and horrified too to think someone would do that to themselves without any logic.....NUTS!!!


Mandy said...

Oh my god... what a sad, horrible story. That poor woman. :(

joohyun said...

Her mother was died, after when she received 1st surgery.
and she received 2nd surgery.
cut her face skin about 860g!! -_-
she still receive psychotherapy.
and she will more 2 or 3 times surgery.
It's really horrible.

Sharon said...

I still can't believe someone would do that to themselves. Something has to be psychology wrong with you from the begining.