Happy Birthday to you; Squashed tomatoes and stew; You look like a monkey; And you act like one too!

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Happy Birthday To you!

For those of you who don'���t know who Jasmeet is, and what she means to me, here goes���

She���'s the greatest friend a girl could ever have especially when in high school. There are numerous memories that we both share and still laugh about today! Jas, is outgoing and bubbly that will get you laughing if not dancing! She and I were in business at one time spending our breaks selling beaded jewellery that we made after school. But the best part about our little business was the shopping; ooh my mate loves to shop just like me. We would venture uptown finding places purely by accident, as I always love to have an adventure but I always assured Jas that I knew where I was going��� LOL

There were times that we bunked school (skipped classes) to go up to London, some of our favs were Convent Garden or that one shop by Tottenham Court Road where a DJ spun some wicked vibes in the basement of a hip-hop clothing store. Jas is creative and loves art as much as I do; she inspired me with her ideas and helped in many jams that I got into. If we weren'���t in London then were hanging around Southall especially in the college at their dayclubs..(Night clubs during the daytime) listening to Ragga mixed with Bhangra.

She came to Calgary to visit me, unfortunately it wasn���'t so great thanks to my idiot EX-Ryan, but instead she had fun hanging with my mum!!! ;p But cause of Jas, I was a free and a single gal that had her friend by her side.

We loved to dance; we practiced our moves to the likes of LL. Cool J with ���"Mama Said Knock You Out���" or Salt '���n���' Pepper with ���"Push It"���. And later when I visited Jas in 1994 she introduced me to Jungle at the club "Wag" in Leicester Square where we were fortunate to see and bump into General Levy��� "�Incredible"���.

Anyway the silly cow (typical London talk) is my best mate, she makes me laugh and brightens everything with her smile. I feel bad for immigrating as I missed her terribly however we still have a special closeness that no amount of distance can ever change. She now lives with her husband, two children: Balraj and Rasna as well as her wonderful in-laws in Cippenham and is happier then she ever was.

I love you Jasmeet :)