Dicksplash and Toerag are in the Building!

Living in the midst of Sheepshaggers!

So it’s 3:16am and once again I’m up late and going bonkers. Sure I am dealing with Insomnia I don’t know why I can’t motivate myself to sleep earlier, but I also have another reason. In fact I did go to bed, I think I was there for about an hour, however to no avail I couldn’t sleep. Why you may ask… well I have Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum living directly upstairs to my apartment who drive me bloody barmy!

I have tried to figure out the comings and goings of that apartment, and it sure beats me, what these people are about. They come home strange hours in the night, so I thought, hhmm maybe they’re some kind of nightclub people or late night restaurant workers or some funny business! They don’t seem to be up early, as they’re watching TV right now even as I write this; the main reason why I can’t get a wink.

The temperature is getting high, my air-con is registering 30, and I’m in my apartment with the windows closed. My air-con isn’t working so well, however it’s certainly doing well as a noise buffer. But I’m sure to wake up in the morning all sweaty and probably pissed off. I wish I could leave it open, but then again it’s not like there’s a breeze, seeing that my building is sandwiched by other buildings and I’m honored to have such views.

Anyway my anger these days is really going bananas, luckily for others it’s an inside anger, but it’s seriously unlucky for me. I feel that I’m a ticking time bomb these days that’s just looking for an excuse to vent. I seem to understand the frustration that some people go through, but don’t worry I’m no U.S. postal worker, and besides I wouldn’t have a clue how to get my hands on a gun!

I was motivated one night to head down to the police station to file a report, as I have knocked on their door upstairs but nothing ever happens…but before I could go and I had to think of what to say in Korean. Luckily a friend was online and wrote what I needed to say. So off I went with my iBook in hand, (the police station is a five minute walk) I got to the station and tried to open the door, the lights were on there were cars outside but nobody insight. Which is bang out of order! L

But at that point I realized, what if… what if I needed the police for a more serious or harmful situation, I’m totally buggered? I can’t call 911, what would I say… They would simply say “No English” and that’s that, or would they??? It’s a frightening thought, I looked on the Internet when I got home, sure there were English numbers but in Seoul and it didn’t list if it was an emergency number or if it was 24hrs. By this time the noisy twits were having a bit of a hanky panky, I could hear her moaning and I could even hear the rhythm, I wanted to scream out “Bali, Bali” which means “faster, faster”!

Anyway I once again confirmed to my boss today that I would not be staying longer than that of my contract. So I figure I have until the end of August and I’m outta here. I will miss my apartment for it’s space, but that’s it! Well I’m going to try sleeping again, wish me luck!

Microscopic brained nitwits!


Mandy said...

Well, I'm glad to hear you've decided not to stay!! Have you decided what's next? Your post reminds me of why I hope to never live in an apartment again. I'll be up pretty late tonight if you feel like calling, or email me if you want me to call you at work. And...maybe email me your work number, because I wrote it down but can't find it. :P

ji hyun! said...

hoho~one more!
i want to read! but! it`s difficult