Remember I'm the one that's out of place!

I enjoy Korean food however monotony kicks in and the cravings for something different becomes an ordeal to suppress… so what does one do??? Let’s go to Shanghai!!!

I met up with my mate Colin, now this is a guy that I have known since first year of Art College back in the 90’s… eeew that sounds old already! Anyway let’s congratulate this man for making it to Asia, not that he visited me, but he did however visit his father who is teaching English in Shanghai.

We basically hung out with his dad and step mom who entertained us with their stories during the almost three years in China, but that wasn’t the only reason for hanging out in their funky historic home part of old the French Concession. It was bloody hot as well as humid, it was almost unbearable I felt a hundred times heavier and moist all over!

The first day Colin and I ventured around the corner, ooh how brave we were well let’s just say our stomachs dictated how far we could go. We ended up in a funky restaurant that should consider in having a DJ in a corner spinning some vibes, as it’s a 24/7 kind of place that has contemporary funk. I checked out the menu and felt like I was back in Hong Kong and quickly decided on getting my all time fav… dong lai cha (iced milk tea) the food came later. The food came in its typical sea of oil, but it was FOOD, asah! However have you ever tried to eat honking big pieces of kale (veggies) that’s slimy with oil with chopsticks??? This is almost impossible but hey we all love a challenge right?

We took off for a long walk after, wondering around, basically looking at the shops and stuff; the busyness was overwhelming but exciting but the best thing of all was the wonderful and awesome air conditioning that you can feel as you pass by large department stores even though you’re on the street. We found Xiangyang market where you can pick up allsorts of stuff mainly knock-offs but the most annoying thing about the place is the constant barrage of wheelers and dealers that approach you to follow them for DVD’s, bagger (bags), watchers (watches), and everything else… I got a little annoyed and started asking them for ridiculous things such as a bathtub, which they then told me “no problem”! Ha ha ha ha!

Anyway I will post more about the trip tomorrow, to be continued…

Chicken anyone?
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Anonymous said...

That looks really tasty...........not!!!
I hope you had a good time!!!
Love Jasmeet

Sharon said...

He he he... There were some things that looked tasty, but in Asia looks can be decieving! But at that particular place the food was terrible, what a waste! The other places that we ate at was awesome, I really like Shanghai food but the one downside there's a ton of oil! However when I lived in Hong Kong with their oily food I did lose a ton of weight. Go figure!