More on Shanghai

Already the trip seems so long ago, why oh why does it wear off so fast???

Well let’s see... Ah, yeah we went to the textile market searching for a bunch of stuff that Colin had a list for from people back in Cowtown. We looked and looked, but it’s bloody hard shopping for other people. I ended up with a few metres of fabric seeing that it’s almost impossible to buy clothes in Korea for a giant like myself. Colin however ordered himself a tailored suit! Ooh la, la! We looked at some magazines and chose a suit then checked out the stall for the fabric; ooh some bold pinstripes that make him look even taller… He’ll soon be a very smart looking and sexy Colin! As simple as CDN$80 that’s after some hard bargaining! LOL

Next was Yu Yuen Gardens, more shopping! There were tons of places selling souvenir things as well as some interesting stuff and some of the kitchiest stuff on the planet! I can’t stand those crystal thingies with some image on the inside that may have been sandblasted or something… Or who needs a spinning top that can spin a cm high in the air or how about a pair of plastic binoculars that are right next to the chopsticks which are packed in tightly to allow some space for the knock off watches that don’t allow space for the cool stone looking Buddha head which I actually eye up; the stall owner notices me but offers me the lighter with Mao’s head stuck to the side with some glue gun!

However after all that, I did have a few bags of whatnots!

Ah, yes we were a little hungry and found a place that seemed ok I took a ton of photos for your viewing pleasure… The place turned out to be just like a food court but buffet style. You walk in one end and take your tray and just pick up what ever you want, however I can’t guarantee you how long the food had been sitting on the counters, the place wasn’t so packed and the staff didn’t look busy, but there was tons of food all laid out.

We picked a few dishes in fact we had three trays worth of stuff (all seemed to be fried except for the kinda looking cabbage rolls). We sat down and a girl with a trolley full of odd-looking drinks came up to us for our order, I immediately spotted dong-lai-cha (iced milk tea) however there was no ice and was warm, eeewwww! Well ok the truth is she did offer ice but I refused cause who knows where the water for the ice came from???

For some reason many people in Shanghai wore their pajamas out, interesting fashion, or many men just wore some skimpy shorts to let everything hang out. I know it's hot but...

Anyway the trip was nice it was just good to hang out with Colin and his family. I had company for the weekend I didn’t have to do all the talking I could just listen… ah what pleasure!