Sandy's Busan Wedding

Just got back from a long weekend which started in Daegu my old city then Busan. The reason for the trip was to see Sandy and to be present at her wedding. I admit that I haven't been there for my friends on their special day, and I feel guilty but most of all...I missed out.

Sandy is Chinese Canadian, from Saskatchewan of all places. She too has been here in Korea a long time and has bounced back and forth, but things got more serious when she started taking yoga classes and she fell for her yogi! Nothing is ever a boring story with Sandy!!! Anyway, today was their wedding and I am glad that I was there. It was a wedding mainly put on by his parents for a big show and basically to get money as Korean weddings are super complicated and not just about the union of a couple. Her family wasn't able to make it due to the quick planning as they put this together within a month. Neither of them wanted this and would have preferred a quiet deal on a beach around a bonfire, however they added their own flavor to the typical mundane ceremony which is over within an hour, I mean the meal, ceremony and all!

They had flying chickens for people to catch for good luck, a performance by Kenny G's Korean competitor and then a yoga display by the people that work at his studio in Daegu. It ended with a big bang as the yoga performers jumped off the stage to throw conffetti, glitter and string at the couple, which shocked the elderly and conservative crowd! The meal was a few blocks away in a seafood restaurant which wasn't bad except for the dish below. We had a few drinks ate sashimi and watched as her husband's friends made them play some Korean games with a yoga twist like lying on the floor opposite each other in a yogaish position and kiss. Fairly interesting, but the Canadians felt sorry for her as she was starving and tired from all the photography as well as all the bowing that she had to do during the ceremony.

I'm happy I'm home, she's happy it's over and she should be at the beach by now in Busan with her hubby, and I guess I should go to bed as it's back to teaching kids tomorrow! Yikes where did this weekend go???

I also must say that I am super happy to see Sandy ecstatic and in love with her husband and I wish them all the best! ;)