A wedding, the sick and a yoga retreat!

So I thought that I should tell you all that know me well and my brother Andrew too. It's official, my brother will be getting married to Joanna, August 2007!!!

I've been chatting with my family a lot these days one, because of Andrew, and the other, my dad had taken ill and was in hospital for about a week, which had us all worried. He's doing well now as he's kicking back at home on the range.

I'm off to Daegu then Kyungjoo for the weekend to join my friend Sandy and her yoga friends - looks like there will be some yoga stuff going on, so it should be interesting!

Have a great weekend all!


Anonymous said...

What great news!! Congrats from all the Mudhar family

Mandy said...

Oh wow, please tell Andrew "Congratulations!" for me! I'm sorry to hear that your Dad hasn't been well, I'm glad he's doing better now. Love to all of you.