Li Wei at Pyo Gallery, Seoul

I visited Pyo Gallery this evening as my friend had invited me to an opening for Li Wei who was there in person. To be honest with you I can't really say that I have seen his work before however I was quite impressed.

I’m not too keen on photography I guess it’s all that hype that I see living here in Korea. I mean, every Tom Dick and Harry possess some brand of a totally outfitted digital SLR hanging on their shoulders only to click away in some coffee shop, with the subject of themselves. Or it’s the numerous shows that I see in and around the city normally in corporate spaces of photography that someone’s granddaddy took.

However there are the few that can understand and manipulate the photographic image and Li Wei is one of them. His images allow me to have a moment, to be aware of myself as I look upon the position that his body may be in as I realize my own body and it’s limitations. Or his head projecting from the ground like a rock in a zen garden. I appreciate the amount of effort that it takes in order to create the image. I can clearly see that it’s more than just an image that I can be apart of his performance without having to be there in person.

About Li Wei

Li Wei began his career in the late 1990s and is already one of the leading artists in Asia. His projects include over 40 site-specific performance pieces that enact strange fantasies such as a head flying solo around Beijing or bodies catapulted into car windows.