What goes around comes around!

I’m so lucky to have great friends even though there are way too many miles that separate us. Thank you Jasmine and Mandy for your kind offers and your moral support during that dreaded time that stresses the best of us ~ “Moving Time”

Yesterday I helped my neighbor upstairs move out, oh by the way she’s also Sharon, a Canadian and the same age! She was a bit disappointed that some friends who didn’t come even though they promised to come and help however the weather was probably not the biggest help as it was pouring the whole time! The truck that came to move her stuff was cute I should have taken a photo as it was quite small which meant more than one trip. Luckily she was just moving down the street and the sofa was the only furniture she was moving however our neighbor at the top of our street showed his stupidity once again.

I live on a corner though the one street on the side ends at our house and turns into giant steps down onto the road in front of our house. So ideally the truck should park on the side as we wouldn’t be blocking any traffic or go up and down steps plus she lives on the 3rd floor. Well there were two cars blocking the side road as there is no thru traffic for them to worry about, the one car I knew who the owner was and we asked for them to move but they were arguing and finally moved it. But for the second trip they refused and everyone in the house came out to yell at us, using the foulest language for a situation that is completely uncalled for. We ended up carrying everything between the two cars up the hill to the truck and this time we did block traffic as cars were just sitting there as we loaded up the truck while the idiot neighbors watched on with their stupid looks. I wouldn’t be surprised if any of us catch colds as we were all soaked to the bone, as we weren’t prepared for the rain or the fact that we had to walk that far.

What asshole neighbors I have, and I have to deal with it again in a couple of weeks for me to move out. I know that my building will be demolished and a new villa built in it’s place well I hope that the construction is loud as hell as those neighbors think that they’re being bothered now, ha, ha, ha well wait for it as it’s only just begun. The best thing is they have a “For Rent” sign in their upstairs apartment well good luck and good riddance!!!