Cool Home & Lifestyle Blogs

I’m getting excited about my move and already planning in my head what goes where. So I thought I let you in on my usual reads and the reality of my obsession with interior design.

I have to start with Design Sponge I love this website for not just interior stuff but for art influences and a way to see what the trends are.

Then I normally go to Décor8 which is similar but shows different things.

I sometimes visit Imedagoze which is a good read but I’m jealous of her vacations!

I really love interior design and was watching Top Designers yesterday (not a favourite) as I miss the home improvement shows especially the ones in the UK as they deal with smaller spaces and seem to be more daring than the North American stuff. Oh I have to mention Tord Bootnje as I adore his designs and started collecting these light shades below and too nervous to take them out of the box but instead sit starring and adoring my precious!


Jasmine said...

I love that Design Sponge blog--it's so inspiring!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll see how it goes today, but I've had a problem with my comments not showing up sometimes, for example on your last posting??!!