I'm so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people!

This is quite the quiet week compared to the last little while and I'm not complaining. I have to say that I do prefer to be busy but it's nice to have a break and enjoy being at home even though it's a complete disaster area as it's become more like a motel than a home.

My friend Irene has been busy with her two shows that opened about two weeks ago. One show was titled "Alien" due to the Alien Registration Card that all foreigners living in Korea must possess. Here’s a pic of the two of us, even though we were on our way to the opening party I couldn’t resist the street food, yum!

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Last week I celebrated my birthday and I have to say that so far it’s one of the best times ever! One of my 6th grade classes had a surprise for me; I was told to wait as I was just about to walk into class. When I was finally allowed I was in shock as the students had one personal sized cake with a tall candle alight on the teacher’s desk, they sang as I walked in ~ I lost it. I couldn’t stop the tears as I was so grateful and touched and told them that this is the most special moment I’ve ever had and thanked them as I told them I miss my family and friends back home and this makes up for all that. How ironic that week’s curriculum was on birthdays and my plan was for them to make birthday cards for each other ~ everyone dived in a did a fantastic job which made for a wonderful class for all.

I celebrated my birthday later that evening with a meal in Samcheongdong a Gallery area by the Blue House which is where the presidents lives. The area is beautiful as it’s one of the oldest areas around a mountain so it’s lined with big trees and old houses that are now protected in a bid to save the area. However Saturday was the day that really was the celebration as I had a party with three other guys who also celebrated with me. The restaurant was packed with all of our friends I think almost 50 of them! The poor staff did an amazing job :) We had to sing Happy Birthday in three languages English, Korean and Farsi as one friend is from Iran. After we took off to Nabi which means butterfly in Korean. The place is really cool as it’s set up like a bar in Istanbul or something, with Turkish rugs on the floor with plush cushions for people to sit or cuddle with as we drink or like us, play the bongos and sing all night.

The night ended with breakfast in MacD’s as we don’t have diners here :( By 9am I was in bed and realizing how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends :)

Thank you so much!


Mandy said...

Holy crap, I can't believe I missed your birthday! :P It has been such an intense few months I have almost missed Zak's. I'm very glad to hear that others remembered your birthday with such style. :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! kudos to you for still being able to party until 9 AM - that is AMAZING!!!

Jasmine said...

Belated Happy Birthday Sharon, in all our rash of company and business it slipped my mind. It sounds like you had another fantastic celebration.

I became teary about your sweet students' birthday surprise for you!