This week and the last three weeks in photos!

My school's grand flea market where all the goodies where sold within setting up the fair which upset many of the students. But still was a fun day.

Heejeong and myself at our friend Valtihno's concert in Apukjeong a place where my friends and I normally avoid however the venue was a nice surprise.

We are officially Valtihno's groupies as I have many photos of him on stage. The music was awesome and sung in three languages, as he's originally from Brazil and the other members were Korean however English is the common language for them to communicate with. The group played Bossa Nova inspired music with Valtihno's genius percussion which he has practiced at numerous parties as well as my kitchen lamps!

Quite the name for a shop, don't you think?

Nayan's back and here we are at Santorino's Greek Restaurant in Itaewon, then we went back the next day with some other people then the next with another group of people, now I think I've had my fill for the year!

This is one of my favourite hangouts in Itaewon called, "The Bungalow" which has become our second home, the service sucks though they seem to be getting worse but the place is great with so many different places to sit, there's an area with swings and sand then another area with a jacuzzi each area has it's own personality but the last time we were there the service was so bad it took 10 mins to get someone's attention then after ordering it took a further 30 mins to get our drinks!

As you can see Keo isn't so keen on the waiter!!!

Nayan and Miss shyness :)

Last Saturday I attended Heejeong's father-in-law's 60th birthday party which is a big deal here in Korea.

I love this photo of Heejeong and her hubby.

On stage her father-in-law gave a speech, everyone in the immediate family had to wear Hanboks which are cute but not always the most comfortable things to wear.

Heejeong and myself


Jasmine said...

haha, I love the shop name!

Has Nayan moved back or is he just visiting?

Your life in Seoul looks so fun!

Sharon said...

Yeah Nayan is just visiting, he will be in Canada next week for a month or so then he's back in Korea for a short spin then back home to India but he will be on some motorcycle adventure around the North.

Thanks for the comment Jasmine.

Jasmine said...

Hey Sharon,

Colin and I are now friends on Facebook (you should join!) and he wrote me that you are going to Calgary in August--when?
I'll be there from Aug 6th-12th...