The Ups and Downs in July!

I don’t know what to say this week or should I say this month I’m somewhat at a lost. Well I guess with the first bit of news is a downer. I have been seeing someone off and on since November, an American guy. I know I posted about him before saying that he was history. Well he was history for a week then things were good and we were happy. However now it’s over as he has his orders to return back to the States and with short notice too. I guess it was coming, but to come so soon??? I must admit I tried not to think about that fact he has no choice of where he’s posted, the joys of being in the military.

However in other news, it’s been fantastic having Nayan and Miss thing, staying with me, I’m going to be lost when they leave. I think my stress level will go up, as I won’t have anyone to talk to when I get home and with Mark being gone. Or the stress may go down, as I won’t have any excuse to not go to the gym!

But, I will be in Maui very soon! Sitting on a beach sipping on me Mai Tai’s thinking of nothing. Yeah, can’t wait to meet up with everyone and have a great time and also realize that my little bro is growing up as he and Joanna exchange their vows ON THE BEACH, oh yeah still sipping me Mai Tai’s!!! Then it's off to Calgary to meet up with friends and my nanny! Oooops... I just realized I missed her birthday, yay for alzheimer's! I'm bad I know ;P

Oh and tis the time to be eating Sam-Gae-Tang 삼계탕 the yummiest Korean soup ever! Gotta have your stuffed chicken with dates, ginseng, chestnuts and sweet rice cooked to perfection in a wonderful broth served piping hot to your table. This is the food of choice for the hottest days of the year (if you can get a table due to the crazy busyness of the restaurants) or you could have dog soup, however I opt for the chicken myself ;P