July's Photos

The summer classes are now on; this year I have to teach two seperate camps as oppossed to just teaching my school kids. The Gangnam English Centre Camp which is open to nine local schools - but it's stressfull with the press and alsorts of heads from the edcation board to the blow Joe of the street coming to check it out as it's the first of it's kind in a public school. However this photo is of my favourite class so far. I did a social studies lesson on Freedom of Expression with focus on North Korea. We watched a Korean B-boy video then froze certain frames in order to draw figures similar to Keith Haring.

Watching the world go by in the Itaewon St*rbucks.

Walking around in Samcheon-Dong, one of my favourite areas around Gyeongbuk Palace and the President's Residence, "The Blue House". This area is being preserved as it's rare to see the old Hanok houses.

With Mark in Samcheon-Dong.

A thank you lunch from my school for Malcolm (another foreign teacher in my school) and myself for teaching during the summer vacation ~ like we had a choice. But hey, the lunch was awesome it's rare to have a good Chinese meal in Korea.