English can be confusing!

While my students' English is amazingly good I worry about the kind of things that are published. I can't believe that I found this particular article written by a reporter and of course he used an online translator of some sort.

"The recent 21 century children live and it is cut hemp cloth right. From to be young until they age and are end. Especially the elementary school and the junior high school with compulsory education are the process which anyone certainly it does to pass by. The elementary school reaches usual 9 subject degree, little by little subject possibility it increases. Korean language, mathematics, science and English are compulsory subject and the society, Ye Che Neung (the fine arts, music, the fruit [ technique family ] and Chinese writing, khem phyu to sprout) the hemp cloth it cries. Study method is simple. the teacher it advances a study in explanation method. In elementary school, one teacher teaches all subjects, but from the junior high school every subject the teacher is different all. elementary school time, announces, discussion plentifully but, from the junior high school only will decrease in the portion which is important to draw the same things and the teacher explains all things."

If you know what he's trying to convey in his article, please, let me know!


Mandy said...

Wow... as soon as I think I know what he's trying to say... then the hemp cloth, it cries. I hate it when that happens. ;)